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It’s A Victory! Sidekick Partners With Victory Kickboxing Series In 2022

There is more to being a famous kickboxing brand than simply producing superior quality equipment. A brand needs to also associate with established kickboxing promotions to get endorsed within the industry.

This has always been Sidekick’s goal since their humble beginnings in 2010, and today the Sidekick ethos has certainly not changed, as they are extremely proud to have partnered with one of the fastest-growing kickboxing promotions in the UK, Victory Kickboxing Series.

Sidekick will produce the official lace up boxing gloves and shin instep guards in a stylish dual branding design for all the fighters to use.

What is Victory Kickboxing Series?

Victory Kickboxing Series (VKS) is a kickboxing fighting promotion based in East Anglia. VKS was founded in 2018 by Billy Brown and Kent Roye when they teamed up after breaking away from another fight promotion they were both involved in. The duos aim was to form a promotion from the ground up that would bring attention to the amateur circuit, boosting the fighters profiles, all with a first-class production.

Victory kickboxing series is a platform that has all the lights and glam of a big time show, yet a stepping stone for fighters with the ambition to fight on the biggest promotions in the world. After all, what good is fighting month after month if nobody can see it!  All of VKS fights are filmed in HD quality with world class commentary and all published to their YouTube channel free for the world to see.

Now with a few years under their belt, VKS are now building momentum leading up to their 8th show and are gaining more recognition than ever. They have gained some fantastic sponsors on board who can see that VKS is heading to becoming a leading UK promotion.

Victory/Sidekick Partnership

in kickboxing, one of the most important pieces of equipment are the gloves themselves. They need to be of a high enough quality, well padded for the fighters safety, yet still able to deliver a knockout punch. So, it is essential a promotion use a quality brand of manufacture to ensure everything is professional throughout.

Billy from VKS said:

“After various meetings with my business partner Kent, we decided the next stage of brand exposure for us is to team up with an established kickboxing brand to produce gloves and shin pads for the athletes to wear when competing on our event! Having been a kickboxer myself and currently running a successful kickboxing club in the East Anglian area, I understand the importance of working with a brand who prioritises quality, comfort and safety above all.

I always remembered that out of all of the promotions my fighters have competed on, they always complimented the gloves on my good friend Colin Payne’s shows who sadly no longer runs the promotion. The gloves were produced by Sidekick and after reaching out to Colin and asking if he’d mind pointing me in the right direction, he swiftly responded with Daniels details.

I’m glad to say that after contacting Daniel he was very keen to partner with us and produce the gloves and shin pads for the show going forward! He understood the direction the show is heading and loved the branding we had established. I look forward to lacing up the first pair of gloves come the 30th April and watching my fighters perform in them as I know they will love them as much as we do!”

The Gloves

The official VKS lace up fight gloves will certainly get the fighters talking as they are the same Sidekick model of glove that has been endorsed by many leading promotions and professional fighters around the UK. The official VKS boxing gloves are made in a high quality cowhide leather and finished in both black and gold or white and gold colours for the opposition corners. They also feature branding from both companies cleverly incorporating the Victory Kickboxing Series theme and design. A real winning glove.

Victory Kickboxing Series next event

Victory Kickboxing Series next event is on the 30th April 2022 and it is an event not to be missed by any enthusiast. It offers great match ups, exciting bouts and an all round action packed evening. So be sure to get your tickets now.

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