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Andrew Tate Hustler’s University: What is it & is it Worth it?

Andrew Tate has now become incredibly famous, and that’s for more than one reason too. Whether it be for his optimistic motivational speeches, upsetting people with his strong opinions, or for his famous Hustlers University organisation. Hustlers University has become so popular it has thousands of monthly paying members across the globe.

What is Hustlers University? 

Hustlers University is a subscription-based website which claims to have 160,000 active members who are studying from a chosen network of specialists. It allows users to connect with like-minded millionaires and entrepreneurs to help start or grow their businesses. It has specialists in various fields, including Amazon FBA, Copywriting, Bitcoin, freelancing, marketing, investing, and business. 

Andrew Tate started the platform because he believed the current education system was broken and wanted to change. This is the reason why he began Hustlers University.

How did Andrew Tate start Hustlers University? 

Andrew Tate, like many entrepreneurs, working a 9-5 job was not an option, and for most of his life has refused to get a job.

Tate could never understand a life of working for someone else; it offers less pay that he would be happy to live off and forever dreaming of a fantasy life; he needed to devise a lucrative business plan. 

Tate is undoubtedly one of those guys who, whatever he does, wants to be the best at it. So when competing in kickboxing, he tried to prove he was the best in the world. But when he reached the top, he realised even as a world champion; it brings in little revenue. He added to his income by representing and becoming a sponsor for Sidekick Boxing. 

However, Top G’s consistency and dedication have certainly paid off as he now benefits from a lifestyle of less than 1% of people worldwide, thanks to his Hustlers University program. It is alleged that the Top G is rolling in up to £11 million a month from his online portal. 

Andrew Tate and Crypto Currency

Tate had many business ideas; one he owned was an advertising agency. However, he cracked the market when he started his x-rated webcam business with his brother Tristan Tate in Luton. Seeing the industry’s potential, the Tate brothers packed up and moved to Romania to begin their webcam empire.

As the Tate brothers started to roll in high levels of money, they used their initiative at the right time to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Andrew Tate says he can tell you what will make you believe in crypto. 

“If you ever tried to send a million dollars, which I’ve done through a bank, you will see the levels of bullshit you have to go through. It’s my money that I made, and I’m sending it to somebody. But I have to go through weeks of papers and questions and garbage. And it bounces back, and it’s blocked, then, new pieces of paper, letters from tax authorities, and interviews.

“Whereas I press two buttons with Bitcoin, it costs me 35 cents, and it’s done in three minutes. And too many people with a lot of money are tired of banks. That’s why Bitcoin will never go to zero. Because there are too many people with a bunch of money, who do not want to play these games, whether they’re criminals or legit. The banks don’t like that I’m trying to move my money. Are you giving me questions? Fuck you. That’s why Bitcoin will never go to zero.”

Many people have speculated about how much money Tate has made with crypto trades. Tate said he bought $600,000 of Bitcoin when it was worth $5,400. That would give him 111.11 Bitcoins. By November 2021, Bitcoin had reached its all-time high of $60,789. This would make Tate’s $600,000 of Bitcoin worth nearly $6.8m. Assuming he had the right exit strategy, Tate did come out on top using crypto.

Andrew Tate NFT 

Andrew Tate launched his website under his fight name Cobra Tate to sell programs to help improve a man’s life. These would include Iron Mind, body language and the famous War room. 

The War Room 

The War room is entirely different to Hustlers University. It still has a network of people, but members learn how to become more of an alpha male, rather than soley learning how to make money.

The War Room is just one of the courses offered at and is the most expensive. However, with a War room subcription you get a HU membership for free.

The war room is for people trying to escape a normal life, which Andrew would call the Matrix.

The course sees groups of wealthy businessmen and millionaires from around the world gather in Telegram rooms.

According to, topics covered include finance, geography, international legal documentation, fitness, biohacking, information leaks, and more.

The tagline on the official website teases: “The War Room is a global network in which exemplars of individualism work to free modern man from socially induced incarceration.”

As a student of War Room, you are invited to attend War Room Summits, and it doesn’t matter if you are not a millionaire if you want to enrol; the philosophy is that you will become one. Prices are said to start at around £4,147 ($4,833).

Andrew Tate’s Tiktok Marketing

Andrew got his members to reshare his content on Tiktok as part of a pyramid selling scheme. This became a win-win for Andrew as not only were his members advertising his business, but he also grew his stardom with billions of views per month.

He is ubiquitous on algorithm-driven platforms, frequently shown wearing sunglasses and a cigar, to the point where high school and middle school teachers claim he has entirely disrupted their classes and is to blame for an increase in sexual harassment.

Most top social networking sites have blacklisted Andrew Tate in response to his current barrage of press coverage. His accounts have been deleted from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitch due to violations of their prohibitions against violent speech. When he posted that women should “bear [sic] some responsibility” for being sexually attacked in 2017, Twitter temporarily suspended him before permanently doing so.

Hustlers University review

Hustlers University, also known as HU, has become one of the biggest platforms. It is a subscription-based online education programme where users pay $49 per month to learn how to purportedly make $10,000 per month through cryptocurrency investment, drop-shipping, or other activities. 

To alter the educational system was Andrew Tate’s mission. He did this to help everyone who attends school but receives the incorrect education to live in this society.

Additionally, customers received a commission for each referral they helped sign up for, and they promoted their affiliate links by posting clips from Tate’s most inflammatory movies on social media.

There are many reviews of Hustler’s University on YouTube; below is just one of many:

The Real World

The Top G was banned from most social media platforms, hugely damaging his Hustlers University. This led him to rethink his strategy and devise a new platform, the Real World. This is for all Hustler University members to change over and new members.

It is another online platform in the vein of Hustlers University. This platform will be Tate educating his followers on how to navigate life, not just about generating money.

The website frequently parallels The Matrix, starting with the line “Wake Up, Neo…” But it goes further than that. Tate characterises himself as the Morpheus of this endeavour and refers to the system as “The Matrix.”

THE REAL WORLD is a community, a membership, an educational platform; it’s a way out.”

It will cost you $149 per month to access Tate’s viewpoints once he has been banned elsewhere. Those interested might purchase a “golden ticket” during a brief promotion. The golden ticket, which cost $19, provided a $49 monthly membership at a discount.

Final Thoughts 

Considering where Andrew Tate had come from, it is astonishing what he has achieved financially. Although some of his methods for financial stability might not be the most ethical, there’s no doubt that it works for him and could potentially work for someone else. 

He gets mixed opinions of whether his businesses are legit, but if his thousands of members are happy to pay and support him, then good on him.

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