If you were to see someone with a collection of high-end supercars, luxury watches and designer clothing, while smoking fatter cigars than Hannibal from the A-team, the last thing you would image is they would be a kickboxer, especially for the fact kickboxing is known for not being the highest paid sport.

Yet, that is the lifestyle of former kickboxing champion Tristan Tate as he is now a self-made millionaire. Tristan has hung up his boxing gloves and he is now enjoying a lavish life, driving around in Bentley’s and flying around the world in private jets.

So, who is Tristan Tate and how did he get rich?

Tristan Tate stats

Nickname: Talisman

Born: 15 July 1988

Fight Weight: 85kg

Height: 6ft 3

Tristan’s net worth: Approx £10 million.

Tristan was born 15th July 1988 and is a British-American kickboxer, commentator and businessman. Tristan is the younger brother to Andrew Tate and they grew up in their home town of Luton.

Tristan came from a very unique type of family. His dad was a master chess player, his brother was a world champion kickboxer and Tristan is also a kickboxing champion and quickly rose to fame starring on the reality TV program Shipwrecked.

It was on the 2011 series of Shipwrecked were he got himself known and not for all good either. The viewers didn’t take to his arrogant behaviour on the series. Tristan retired from kickboxing and Tristan and Andrew moved to Romania to set up and focus on their empire of businesses.

The Tate brothers now spend lots of their time travelling in super cars and partying, which Tristan regularly shares his luxury lifestyle on his social media. He also films himself enjoying a little bit too much of alcohol by downing spirit’s.

However, It hasn’t always been an extravagant lifestyle for Tristan, as In fact he actually grew up on a council estate in Luton. This is were he learned kickboxing at Storm Gym under coach Amir Subasic.

Tristan was a very tough fighter with a good kickboxing career and became a 2x ISKA kickboxing champion.

Watch the video to see Tristan Tate kickboxing title fight:

Since moving to Romania Tristan commentates on Romanian Xtreme Fighting (RXF) and Superkombat. Even though Tristan had officially retired from kickboxing, he took a last minute replacement MMA fight against Adrian Preda in 2016 on RXF 23. Unfortunately Tristan lost in the first round.

Sidekick owner Daniel Knight with Tristan and Andrew Tate.

How did Tristan Tate get rich?

Tristan’s kickboxing career never paid a substantial amount of money and both Tristan and Andrew never took the idea of getting 9-5 jobs. So the brothers always looked to start up their multi-million pound business. They started to make lots of money from the X-rated industry before starting to trade in cryptocurrency along with other businesses.

Image courtesy of Tristan Tates Instagram

Tristan Tate relationship

Tristan hit the headlines in Romania when he dated famous romanian TV presenter and model Bianca Dragusanu. Bianca was caught cheating on her husband Victor Slav with Tristan and subsequently left Victor to spend more time with Tristan. As it wrecked her powering woman and family image her TV show “I want you close to me” on Kanal D Romania was cancelled.