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Female UFC Fighters: Fighting Styles and Signature Movements

Although the UFC fighting industry is still vastly more populated by males, female UFC fighters are gaining ground every year. According to the official UFC athletes roster from July 2022, there are currently 1410 registered UFC fighters in the world, of which 1156 are male and just 254 are female. 

However, don’t let that statistic dampen your perspective on the authority of the female UFC fighter community. Trust us, it’s very much alive and kicking—both literally and metaphorically. 

In the brutal world of UFC, female fighters are often categorised based on their level of perceived physical attraction rather than their actual skills. This is nothing short of a tragedy considering how powerful these fighters actually are, and the UK is home to several of them. 

Today, we’ll look at some of the best female UFC fighters in the game, their fighting styles, and why so many of them seem to be springing up from the good old British Isles. 

Female UFC Weight Classes – What Do They Mean? 

Female and male UFC fighters are placed into different sets of weight categories or weight classes. There are 12 weight classes in total, only 4 of which are reserved exclusively for women. 

  • Featherweight: 61 – 66 kg 
  • Bantamweight: 57 – 61 kg 
  • Flyweight: 52 – 57 kg 
  • Strawweight: 0 – 52 kg 

This weight classification system is universal, pertaining to both the UK and other countries around the world. The standardisation they provide allows participants to fight opponents that share the same or similar weight level, resulting in a more fair fight. 

Fighting Styles Of 4 Most Popular Female UFC Fighters In 2022 

As female representation continues to steadily grow, the UFC is beginning to unveil some incredible female fighters. Over the past few years, some of the deadliest and perhaps the least suspecting fighters to emerge have been women, which is a testament to their extreme tenacity and strength. 

However, there are some that stand out from the rest. From fan favourite Joanna Jedrzejczyk to up-and-coming Molly McCann, the world of female UFC fighters is only getting more exciting and formidable with time. 

Here are 4 of the best female UFC fighters to keep an eye on over the next few years. 

  1. Molly McCann 

Nationality: British
Born: May 4, 1990
Height: 1,63 cm
Reach: 157 cm
Stance: Orthodox
Record: 13-4-0
Weight class: Flyweight

The first woman to win a fight at the Octagon, Molly McCann, is arguably Britain’s top female UFC fighter. She has fought all over the UK, USA, and other parts of the world. 

An electric, determined fighter, McCann’s nickname is “Meatball”, attributed to her penchant for making bold, radical moves that have, at times, resulted in her own injury. However, her career records speak for themselves. 

Her signature move is the Spinning Elbow, the People’s Meatbow and the People’s Elbow, the latter of which was first used by actor and ex-professional wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. After seeing the incredible fight that McCann put up, Johnson reached out to her publically and gave her his blessing. 

Molly has used our very own Sidekick MMA gloves when she competed on Shock n

  1. Cory McKenna 

Nationality: Welsh
Born: July 11, 1999
Height: 161 cm
Reach: 147 cm
Stance: Orthodox
Record: 7-2-0
Weight class: Strawweight 

As the first ever (and youngest) Welshwoman to officially enter the UFC, Cory McKenna is making international waves. Her first nickname, “The Hobbit” was testament to how small McKenna was when she first entered the UFC at age 20, but she has since been renamed “Poppins”. 

This nickname arises from the fact that McKenna likes babysitting and looking after children in her spare time. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone more capable of protecting your kids!

McKenna’s fighting style is traditional and rough, with her signature moves including the Von Flue Choke Finis, which she used in a recent win against Miranda Granger in the USA. This was also the first time a Von Flue Choke Finish was used by a woman in any UFC fight in history.
  1. Hannah Goldy 

Nationality: American
Born: May 18, 1992
Height: 162 cm
Reach: 154 cm
Stance: Orthodox
Record: 6-3-0
Weight class: Flyweight

Despite being American, Hannah Goldy is one of the most popular opponents of UK female UFC fighters and therefore has a high popularity rating. After her recent 13th career win in July 2022, Goldy has proven herself as a hard-hitting champion that anyone should be scared to enter the ring with. 

As a former Cage Warriors Flyweight Champion and current #1 female fighter in Florida, Goldy is well-acquainted with the concept of winning. Her signature move is the Armbar Lock. 

Goldy is a respectful, rule-abiding fighter known for being fearless and straightforward. As a young mom, she displays a vast capacity for multitasking, innovation, and commitment to her mission.

  1. Joanna Jedrzejczyk

Nationality: Polish
Born: August 18, 1987
Height: 167 cm
Reach: 165 cm
Stance: Orthodox
Record: 16-5-0
Weight class: Strawweight 

In 2015, Joanna Jedrzejczyk became the women’s strawweight champion of the world. Despite recently announcing her retirement in June 2022, Jedrzejczyk has held too many titles and celebrated too many iconic wins to get left off this list of pioneering female UFC fighters. 

In 2015, she came third as MMA fighter of the year, and is currently dubbed the 17th Best MMA fighter of all time. Considered an industry pioneer, the extraordinary fighter practiced both MMA and Muay Thai. With her legion of international fans, Jedrzejczyk has been nicknamed the “Strawweight Queen”. 

Jedrzejczyk is a fighter with tangible passion and energy. She’s known for her signature light, quick, and powerful arm strike moves. 

Women’s UFC Fighting Is On The Rise 

The representation of women in the UFC is only getting bigger and better, and the media spotlight is shining brighter than ever. From the intensity of UFC Fight Nights to the ups and downs of WWE and the drama that rocks AEW, it’s clear that the female division is thriving. This also means that we can expect to see some exciting moves in the future of this intense industry. 

From the youngest to the oldest in the cage, female UFC fighters have always had the advantage of being underestimated by their opponents. As these ladies and the remaining dozens of their highly successful competitors make their mark on the UFC map, hopefully, younger female fighters will get inspired to take part in this exhilarating sport. 

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