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Is Enfusion The Most Exciting Kickboxing Show?

When one door closes, another one opens, which is precisely what happened to kickboxing promoter Edwin Van Os when he sold his promotion ‘Its Showtime’.

He launched another new exciting kickboxing promotion, Enfusion. Let’s face it, when you have done something for most of your life, it’s hard to imagine doing anything else.

What is Enfusion?

Enfusion is a leading kickboxing promotion based in the Netherlands. Enfusion was founded in 2011 by Edwin van Os and has hosted over 100 shows internationally.

Edwin has always been in the industry as he was also one of the founders of the former kickboxing promotion, It’s Showtime. suggests: ‘Enfusion is a leading multimedia company created by Edwin van Os, also one of the founders of It’s Showtime.*n The team behind the organization has been involved for decades, but in 2013, the passion and love for combat sports brought them together to create something truly special.

With creativity, courage, will and tremendous effort, Enfusion’s production achieved what both fans and broadcasters are expecting in quality, innovation and entertainment.’

Enfusion is a bit eccentric compared to other fight promotions. Originally they were solely a kickboxing promotion, but now they also host their subsidiary mixed martial arts show Enfusion Cage Events (ECE).

Enfusion Reality

Also, with their creativity and production team, they have produced Enfusion Reality, a series of TV episodes featuring some of the best fighters around the world. The fighters live, sleep, eat and train together and have to team up to do challenging tasks and fight each other in a competition for there to be only one winner. Enfusion’s third season, ‘Trial of the Gladiators’, was a very exciting series in the under 85kg division.

In a four-person, one-night tournament, the finals featured four men, Sahak Parparyan, Andrew Tate, Franci Grajs, and Ritchie Hocking. Andrew Tate represented the USA and Ritchie Hocking from Scotland.

Watch the video below of Andrew Tate vs Ritchie Hocking:

Enfusion also shares really exciting video clips from their previous events. From knockout of the year, best fighters or some crazy snippets.

Does Enfusion have the best fighters?

As fighters generally sign a contract to one promotion, they cannot fight fighters signed to other organisations, so sometimes it is hard to determine who is the best. However, Glory has teamed up with Enfusion to bring Glory Rivals this year.

This joint promotion will offer an exciting opportunity for fighters to collide from rival promotions to see who truly is the best.

Enfusion Champion Fighters

  1. Helene Connart:

Height- 163cm

Gym- Natio Gym

Enfusion Record- 3 // 2-1-0-0

  1. Sarel De Jong

Height- 175cm

Gym- Team Van Der Geissen

Enfusion record- 10 // 9-1-0-2

  1. Soufiane Kaddouri

Height- 170cm

Enfusion Record- 11 // 10 – 1 – 0 – 2

  1. Endy Semeleer

Height- 180cm

Gym- Budo Centrum

Enfusion record- 18 // 17 – 1 – 0 – 2

  1. Mohammed Ghaedibardeh


Enfusion Record- 4 // 4 – 0 – 0 – 2

  1. Jermaine Puljhun

Height- 185cm

Gym- Simson Gym

Enfusion record- 4 // 4 – 0 – 0 – 0

Contracted Female Enfusion Fighters

Check out the image below for all of infusions current contracted female fighters:

Contracted Male Enfusion Fighters

Check out the image below for all of infusions current contracted male fighters:

For more information about Enfusion’s contracted fighters, check out their website:

Upcoming Enfusion Events 2022

  • Enfusion #105 & Enfusion talents #88

March 19TH Saturday | 19:00H (CET)

Eindhoven, Holland

  • ECE Show #8

March 26TH Saturday | 19:00H (CET)

Alkmaar, Netherlands

  • Enfusion #106 & Enfusion Talents #89

April 30TH Saturday | 19:00H (CET)

Zilina, Slovakia

  • Enfusion #107 & Enfusion Talents #90

May 07TH Saturday | 19:00H (CET)

Arnhem, Netherlands

  • Enfusion #108 Enfusion Talents #91

May 21ST Saturday | 19:00H (CET)

Antwerp, Belgium

Enfusion Commentary

Vinny Shoreham and Muay Thai Queen Julie Kitchen are the voices of Enfusion Commentary and the duo make the fights even more gripping. Julie Kitchen certainly knows a thing or two about the sport as she is a seasoned Muay Thai fighter and was a 14x world champion.

Vinny said:

“Having been with Enfusion since day one!! Every year it’s been as exciting as the last!! The emergence of talent myself and Julie have witnessed is astounding!!
There isn’t a more exciting kickboxing event on the planet!!”

Commentator Vinny Shoreham with Cobra Tate

Final Thoughts

Enfusion is a fantastic promotion offering the exciting style of K1 kickboxing. Even though their shows on hosted around the globe, they are still available to watch on Enfusion Live.

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