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Rugby Shirts Available In Any Design

Sidekick is a company that comes from a family of sports. From when Daniel and his brother Paul were toddlers in the Knight family, their mum and dad would teach them playing almost everything.

They played snooker, football, golf, darts, kickboxing and rugby, to name a few. Their dad Jim has also been a keen rugby practitioner and referee himself. He would always quote ‘never lost a game’ when challenging both the boys to a game.

Being from a family of sports players, Sidekick understands and appreciates the players’ needs, which is why when Sidekick launched in 2010 solely to be a kickboxing brand, it wasn’t long before we went on to producing all sports goods, including rugby too.

And this is not just a sideline (queue punchline) as we have become a well-established manufacturer.

As rugby is an extremely tough sport that involves many physical contacts, the rugby shirts being tugged and pulled need to be such a quality to withstand the punishment.

What is a Rugby Kit?

A conventional rugby kit includes a shirt and shorts, long rugby socks, and studded boots. The rugby ball is the other important piece of equipment.

Some padding is permitted on the head, shoulders, and collarbone, but it must be light, thin, and compressible to meet World Rugby regulations. Players can wear a mouthguard to prevent concussions and tooth chipping.

A family of sports – Father Jim and son Paul playing snooker.

How Many Players in a Rugby Team?

There are a different amount of players in various forms of Rugby. Rugby league has 13; Rugby sevens have seven, and Rugby union has 15 players.

As a team in rugby union consists of 15 players, it can be pretty costly when purchasing kits for an entire team. So we offer a fully bespoke design, print and manufacture service all under one roof, which is much more convenient and costs a fraction of the price.

Jim Knight Refereeing
Rugby referee Jim Knight

What Rugby Equipment does Sidekick Produce?

We produce all the kits for a Rugby team, including rugby shirts, shorts, socks, warm up tops and headgear, and we offer very competitive prices for club teams.

Every kit is uniquely designed for every order, so if you would like something original and striking, you can be sure your Rugby team will be the only ones with that kit.

Furthermore, as we manufacture items to order, if there are any special requirements on size or specific measurements, we are more than happy to accommodate.

The History of Rugby Shirts

Rugby jerseys were first constructed of thick cotton. This was done to ensure that they could endure the rigours of the game and not rip in the scrum. Short collars with rubber buttons were added to the shirt so other players couldn’t grab them, and the buttons wouldn’t scrape a player’s face.

Rugby shirts are still popular today, and they are now considered fashionable. All rugby shirts used to have horizontal stripes to represent a team’s colours. Football teams agreed that rugby shirts would have horizontal stripes while football shirts would have vertical lines.

People began wearing rugby jerseys off the field in large numbers in the 1950s. Fans were the first to initiate the fad, as it was an easy way to be associated with rugby without really playing it.

Rugby shirts began by imitating a preppy style, much like polo shirts when they first entered the fashion market. Rugby shirts are now available from major labels such as Ralph Lauren and Gant in various designs, styles, and colours.

Sidekick: Manufacturer of Rugby Kits

Many Rugby kit distributors may sell discounted ones, but they usually come as a blank canvas.

You then need to find a design and print service company to embroider the Rugby team badge, print numbers and possibly add sponsors. This can cost just as much as the Rugby kits themselves, becoming quite expensive.

The beauty with our Sidekick Rugby kits is that we are a manufacturer; we can provide the equipment, print and badges. We digitally make your kit design, add your club badge and sponsors, and show you for approval before any work commences.

We then manufacture your complete order before adding individual numbers and names to each shirt. Our kits are made from the latest technical fabrics, and the print is fully-sublimated so that it won’t fade or crack.

The team Rugby kits include a shirt, shorts and socks.

Benefits of a Custom Rugby Kit for your Team

  1. Putting on a personalised rugby kit can completely change how your squad looks: To thrive at any level of rugby, from high school and college to amateur clubs and league teams, you need a kit that fits well, looks fantastic and helps you perform.
  2. Make the Team Unified: You’re no longer an individual; you’re a team member with that shirt on your shoulders and an emblem on your chest.
  3. Kits can be Intimidating to the Competition: In rugby, intimidation and team togetherness come from each player working together, but your team’s appearance can also help. A coherent, tailored rugby kit demonstrates that your site is serious about the game and is ready to assault and dominate the opposition to win.
  4. Looking Professional: A tailored rugby uniform can assist your squad in developing a professional mindset. On and off the field, the pride of wearing your team’s badge on their chest will motivate your players to uphold your club’s principles and represent it professionally.
  5. High-Performance Clothing Technology: Whether you’re in the heart of a scrum, kicking a winning conversion, or sprinting down the wings, our custom rugby shorts are intended to fit you exactly. You may play confidently, knowing the kit was created expressly to improve your performance.

We also produce high quality football kits and boxing gloves with our custom and personalised manufacturing service. Please enquire about prices:

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