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Top Craziest Fighters in History

Combat sports are a brutal sport that requires each fighter to be exceedingly tough. Even if a fighter has all the speed, skill, and strength in the world, he or she must also have the mental toughness and conditioning to withstand a lot of abuse.

However, every now and again, we come across fighters who are so fierce and menacing that they are downright frightening. They’re dangerous, and even their opponents have a hard time dealing with them.

Furthermore, some fighters are wild cannons who have done the most outrageous things outside of the ring. We’ve compiled a list of hazardous combatants and carried out some outrageous stunts.

Lenny Mclean (BKB Boxer)

If you’ve seen the film Lock, stock, and two smoking barrels, you’ll recognise ‘Barry the Baptist.’ Lenny Mclean was a former unlicensed boxer nicknamed “The Guv’nor” and “the hardest guy in Britain.”

Lenny collaborated with boxing promoter Frank Warren to battle some of the most vital underground fighters in legal but unlicensed boxing contests that the BBBofC had not sanctioned, and it is estimated that he has fought between 2000 and 3000 times.

Lenny has a history of being linked to gangs and criminals, notably the notorious Krays twins. Lenny died in 1998, right before the publication of Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.

Deontay Wilder (Boxer)

The most powerful puncher in the history of boxing. Let’s face it: everyone feared him until Fury outclassed Wilder and defeated him. He had a flawless record of 40 wins and 39 knockouts, and no one, even Joshua, wanted to walk into the ring with him because they knew the odds were stacked against them.

Only God knows how he got back up when he knocked down Fury in the 12th round in their first fight.

Deontay Wilder vs Charlie Zelenoff

If you haven’t heard of Charlie Zelenoff, he claims to be faster than Khan, has more power than Tyson, and has a perfect 300-0 record. However, as the adage goes, self-proclaimed is not a recommendation.

Charlie is an internet bully and troll, and he met his match when he made comments about Wilder’s daughter, Naieya, who has spina bifida. As a result, Wilder travelled to Los Angeles to confront Charlie Zelenoff and give him a pasting.

Lee Murray (MMA)

When people hear the word ‘Notorious,’ they immediately think of Conor McGregor, but Lee Murray was first known as that. Lee Murray, who had recently signed with the UFC, had a bright career ahead of him, and he is one of the few men Dana White has described as frightening. “He’s a dangerous son of a b**ch, and I don’t mean in a fighter sense,” he continued.

Lee was involved in a brawl outside a bar with former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz, and he was stabbed numerous times outside a Mayfair nightclub in another incident. Unfortunately for the sport, Murray orchestrated the largest robbery in history, a £53 million crime in Kent, and was sentenced to prison in Morocco.

Dereck Chisora (Boxing)

Chisora’s inclusion on the list may come as a surprise. Still, this underestimated fighter is so unpredictable and difficult that most opponents will know they’ll have to go to battle when facing Dell Boy.

He’s done some insane things in his career, including ear-biting, tossing a press conference table, and even fighting in public with David Haye, so he’s a crazy man.

Dereck Chisora David Haye Press Conference

After reaching the distance with boxing icon Vitali Klitschko in 2012, Chisora proved the sceptics wrong, yet he could not win.

Chisora was still working up during the post-fight press conference, exchanging words with David Haye, who was in the audience. Chisora stepped out of his chair to confront Haye, resulting in a brawl, with Chisora accusing Haye of glassing him.

Conor McGregor (MMA)

McGregor rose to prominence as an MMA superstar with a 15-fight winning streak. However, after losing many of his previous battles, he lost the buzz that surrounded him, leading to his decline in popularity.

Nowadays, he seems to get as bad news as he does positive press, and his behaviour hasn’t helped matters. McGregor has attacked a man in a pub, thrown a steel dolly at a bus, and screamed at MGK during the MTV Awards.

Khabib Nurmagomedov Bus Incident: 2018

McGregor and Khahib genuinely hated each other. When Khabib showed up at Barclays Center just after the conclusion of a UFC 223 media day on April 5, McGregor tracked down Khabib on his arrival to launch a steel dolly through the window of a bus Khahib was on. Was it marketing genius to line up a fight or pure stupidity?

Punching Man in Dublin Pub: 2019

McGregor punched a man in the face after allegedly McGregor offered the man a free drink of his Proper Twelve whisky, which he didn’t accept.

McGregor vs Machine Gun Kelly: 2021

According to a witness, McGregor requested a photo from MGK, who refused, resulting in the actor shoving the UFC fighter. McGregor’s drink was spilled as a result, and he hurled the rest of it at MGK. Check out our MTV Awards coverage here.

The Outlaw Sean George (BKB)

Sean George, a BKB fighter, has to be included simply because he is a beast. Sean got into street fights and began training in Muay Thai and MMA to become a more dangerous fighter. Sean’s life began to deteriorate as he began to abuse drugs and party, and at the age of 26, he was sentenced to three and a half years in prison for attempting to rob a small post office.

Sean tried bare-knuckle boxing after his discharge and hasn’t looked back. He is now a well-known figure in the sport, a British champion, and a family man.

On BKB, Sean faced off against our previous sponsored fighter Liam Cullen, and Liam was knocked out cold by The Outlaw.

Mike Tyson (Boxing)

Did you think of Mike Tyson as soon as you saw the title? This violent fighter requires no introduction, and even in his 50s, he is still feared. He is notorious for several assaults, including biting Holyfield’s ear off, street violence, and, most recently, punching a man on a plane.

Tyson was wild and enraged outside of the ring, and his bouts were as explosive as dynamite. Tyson claimed that his method was ‘impulsive,’ but the truth is that he broke most of his opponents before the bout even started.

Sonny Liston (Boxing)

Liston was one of boxing’s mysteries, according to Muhammad Ali. He was the scariest boxer he had ever fought. Liston was a prominent criminal in the St. Louis area as a young guy. He was arrested 19 times throughout his life for crimes ranging from armed robbery to assaulting a police officer.

Liston is said to have been involved with the mob and thrown bouts for the mob to gamble on. Liston had been problematic since he was a child, and he is reported to have begun boxing while in prison for robbery.

He has gone down in history as one of the all-time greats. Unfortunately, Liston died too soon as a result of his heroin addiction.

Joe Son (MMA)

In the film Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Joe Son is most known for his role as Random Task (a parody of OddJob). Joe Son is an American mixed martial artist, kickboxer, and professional wrestler born in South Korea. Son was never a dangerous fighter, having never won a professional MMA or kickboxing match, but he did compete in UFC 4 in 1994.

Joe was known for being a scary man, having been convicted of criminal vandalism, torture, and voluntary manslaughter, among other crimes. Son, imprisoned for rape, killed his cellmate with kicks and blows.

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