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What is Misfits Boxing?

Misfits is a boxing promotion founded by brothers Kalle and Nisse Sauerland of Wasserman Boxing, KSi, and Mams Taylor to form the Misfits promotion.

The Misfit’s partners make a great team; the Sauerland brothers were born into boxing with a dad who was also a promoter. KSI, a Youtuber and singer, have a considerable fan base to attract a massive audience.

And Mams Taylor is a singer-songwriter who owns a management organisation that manages KSI. Misfits Boxing has also sealed a broadcasting deal with DAZN to broadcast their live events and, to date, have got their fourth event in the pipeline for 2023.

Their first show, ‘X Series 001’, was on August 27, 2022, and grabbed huge attention when KSI lined up to have two fights on the same night. KSI vs Swarmz and KSI vs Luis Alcaraz.

Does KSI own Misfits Boxing?

Name: Misfits Boxing
Headquarters: London, England
Acronyms: MF
Social links:
YouTube channel:

In addition to being the CEO of Misfits Boxing, KSI is also a co-owner of the XIX Vodka, Prime Hydration energy drink, and the Sides restaurant chain.

After the megastar and his management team, Proper Loud, join forces with the Sauerland brothers at Wasserman Boxing, the new KSI-led promotional firm, Misfits Boxing, debuts. This honours the creation of a new boxing promotion powerhouse that will host the biggest and best crossover boxing events globally.

KSI is one of the most recognisable figures in the world, with over 50 million followers across his social media platforms, a number-one hit album, numerous BRIT Award nominations, and an undefeated record in the ring. When he competed against fellow social media megastar Logan Paul live on DAZN in 2019, his record-breaking entry into boxing drew attention worldwide.

Who is KSI?

KSI is a British YouTuber and rapper born on June 19 1993. He has released many songs, and 8 of his tracks have reached the top 10 charts. KSI’s boxing career started by fighting fellow Youtubers Joe Weller and Paul Logan before starting his promoting career this year. KSI is also the owner of the new craze of the drink Prime Hydration.

Prime Hydration

Prime Hydration drinks are a new line of drinks owned by KSI and Logan Paul. KSI and Logan used to be rivals in the past, but now they want to showcase what happens when competitors come together as brothers and organisation partners. Prime currently has seven different flavours to choose from.

They have become so popular that people have been going crazy for them, buying them for ridiculous prices on eBay, and there have even been break-outs with customers in their supermarkets for them.

Even though KSI and Logan have made up, it is pretty bizarre to see the duo in partnership as they both have fought, and KSI hates Logan’s brother Jake. They have an ongoing feud with a potential boxing fight in 2023.

Logan has also been praising KSI for his efforts in his Misfits boxing promotion.

Still, Andrew Tate had something to say:

“Why do you not support your biological brother’s events the same way you support the man who insults him? This man INSULTS your BROTHER? This is a crime against God. You turn on your own blood Logan, as you have turned on free speech and humanity as an agent of the matrix.”

KSI said about fighting Jake: “I beat Logan Paul. Logan Paul is better than Jake Paul. So why would I struggle with Jake?

“Yes, he’s got the highlight reels, but once he’s in the ring with me, I’m a different animal.”

True Geordie commentator

Misfits use a host of big names for their commentary, one of which being True Geordie. True Geordie is a British YouTuber, boxing and MMA aficionado, and host of his eponymously-named and wildly popular True Geordie Podcast.

True Geordie has had a lot of backlash over the years, with Andrew Tate exposing him to the public with his sexual desires. And also after True Geordie made a racial comment towards the Cobra Tate.

Misfits 003 Event

The popularity of influencer boxing has grown, and the latest programme featured Hasim Rahman Jr. vs Vitor Belfort as the main event in Texas. Rahman Jr. will now compete against former UFC heavyweight Greg Hardy in the evening’s co-main event after the Brazilian was forced to withdraw due to coronavirus.

At the top of the card, YouTube sensation Deen The Great will take against Sharks, who previously faced Adam Saleh in his only ring appearance. Deen The Great has had a successful start to his YouTube boxing career.

The outcomes of the event are below:

● Deen The Great def. Walid Sharks via TKO — Round 3, 1:55
● Josh Brueckner def. Chase DeMoor via TKO (corner retirement) — Round 2, 3:00
● Greg Hardy def. Hasim Rahman Jr. via unanimous decision (39-36, 39-36, 39-36)
● King Kenny def. DK Money via KO — Round 1, 1:34
● FaZe Temperrr def. Overtflow via KO — Round 1, 0:30
● Brandon Buckingham def. Ice Poseidon via TKO — Round 1, 2:13
● Minikon def. Nick Joseph via disqualification (holding) — Round 4, 1:40

Misfits 004 Event

KSI has been linked with a possible fight against Jake Paul for a few months. Before taking on Jake Paul in the ring as his ultimate challenge, YouTuber, musician, and boxer KSI has been linked to battling various opponents.

Numerous others have expressed interest in collaborating with well-known YouTubers, including Tyron Woodley, Slim Albaher, and many others.

However, KSI and Dillon Danis are now scheduled to square off in the ring after a fight between the two sides following the X Series 003 weigh-in.

When KSI and Dillon Danis announced they would fight in January at the Wembley Arena, their animosity nearly spilt over into the ring. As he continues his stellar boxing career, KSI was in Texas this past weekend to promote a match under his Misfits Boxing label. It’s expected that DAZN will also offer the event as a pay-per-view.

Despite holding a black belt in BJJ, Danis will be making his boxing debut after a nearly four-year absence from the sport, while KSI is fresh off of his historic feat of winning two fights in one evening.

He said:

“I feel great; it’s easy money, to be honest; that’s a little b*tch of a thing; I’m used to fighting real fighters, so he’s not ready for this,” Danis told Misifts Boxing. “I guarantee you I knock his ass out, watch.

“I’m going to hurt him, bad bro. The f**ked up part about this whole thing is like these little YouTube boxers; they’re going to see what a real fighter feels like. He’s going to see… I’m going to hurt him, bad bro; I’m going to hurt him badly,” he added.


KSI vs Dillon Danis

KSI argues that until he fights Jake Paul, no one will be satisfied and has defended his forthcoming match with Dillon Danis.

The YouTuber, whose real name is JJ Olatunji, is hoping to increase his activities after returning to boxing in August and defeating Swarmz and Luis Pineda twice. The renowned troll Danis will be his opponent when he returns to action on January 14 at the OVO Wembley Arena.

The MMA champion has never boxed before and is most known for being Conor McGregor’s training partner. Even if he had competed against Tyron Woodley or the legendary Floyd Mayweather, KSI claims that fans would not have been impressed by his most recent statement.

“Danis is coming to my hometown,” KSI said during a recent YouTube video discussing his recently announced clash with Danis. “I have seen the comments recently on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. I know you lot will not be happy until I fight Jake Paul. If I were to fight Woodley, you guys would have said, ‘Jake’s already done that; that’s old news. ‘Woodley hasn’t won since 2018; no one wants to see that.’

And the British star has admitted he will then look to hang up his gloves once the end-game fight is completed. “The only reason I’ve come back into the boxing world is to fight Jake Paul and beat him,” KSI continued. “I’ve said I’m going to fight him in 2023. Ladies and gentlemen, once I fight Jake Paul, I am done. I would have solidified my legacy, and then I would have hung up my gloves forever. After that, I’m not boxing anymore, so why would we want to rush that?”


On the press of Misfits 003, KSI had an altercation with MMA fighter Dillon Danis which you can see in the video below:

Final Thoughts

Misfits Boxing have put together an exceptional team, but their collaboration drives a successful promotion. We hope to see great things from them in the future.

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