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Logan Paul vs Andrew Tate: Will They Settle Their Beef In The UFC?

Most of you will likely agree that combat sports are not quite how they used to be. It has become more about Youtubers and celebrities fighting than real boxers. Logan Paul and Andrew Tate are currently making all the headlines, as a day doesn’t pass without something about them popping up on our news feed. 

With back-and-forth remarks, we can honestly say they both genuinely dislike each other. 

A fight between controversial kickboxer Andrew Tate and YouTube star Logan Paul has been highly rumoured. Now Tate being banned from social media, Paul originally called Tate out before deciding against getting into a fight.

However, Tate the former world champion wants two exhibition battles before facing Logan Paul, claims Misfits Boxing promoter, Mams Taylor.

So, will Andrew Tate and Logan Paul fight? 

Let’s be honest; like any social star or influencer, their main objective is to grow their channels and build on their audience, and Paul and Tate are no different. Both have always been fame hungry, yet come from very different walks of life. Paul succeeded by being a Youtuber but now wants to become a successful fighter.

Tate, a former kickboxer, dedicated all his time to the sport until he realised getting social engagement would make him more financially successful than fighting. 

So for Tate to step back in the ring he has said he would need to have serious beef with someone. One of which is True Geordie, the other being Logan Paul, but the fight would need to be on Tate’s terms as he considers himself as the ‘A-side’.

As one another has enormous followings, they both have used the other name with insulting comments to boost their profile with probably no intention of anything physical ever materialising. 

However, it seems to have gone a bit too far, to the point that fight talks are becoming real. It all started in 2020 when Logan’s brother Jake called out professional fighters, and Tate offered Jake £3 million to fight him to prove it is a dangerous sport. 

Did he genuinely want to resist him, or was that just a media stunt from Tate?

Tate Two Years Ago

Two years ago, Tate was nowhere near as famous as he is today and the Paul brothers weren’t familiar with Tate, but as he became more and more viral, it wasn’t long before they soon did. 

This year, Tate got billions of views on Tiktok and became the most searched man on earth; now is an excellent time for Logan Paul to settle their beef with Tate. But ongoing feud are still going back and forth, and no Logan Paul vs Andrew Tate is any closer.

Tate recently took to Twitter to say:

“My statement on fighting Logan Paul. 

Nothing is more critical to Logan Paul than being liked and talked about. He fears and walks away from any real challenge and continues to play fight in the WWE. Logan keeps using my name for headlines to try and further his relevancy; however, he knows that my skills and expertise in any ring are unmatched by him. 

Even though we haven’t always seen eye to eye, his brother, Jake, has been improving the boxing industry. He puts in the work for better pay, benefits, and more awareness for women in the sport. He has a purpose that he is fulfilling. Logan Paul has no purpose. If the terms are fair to both parties, I will fight Logan in the cage and destroy him.”

Logan Paul has shot back a couple of times, proclaiming on Sean O’Malley’s podcast:

“Maybe I would take the opportunity to platform him, just for one night,” he added later. “Just for one night, turn his f—ing face inside out, have him wheeled home on a gurney with his brother holding his hand in the ambulance type s—. I don’t like you; I want to f— you up.”

Will Andrew Tate fight Logan Paul? 

Logan Paul vs Andrew Tate would probably not have any low-viewership issues. Large audiences frequently gather to watch the former combatant’s in-ring feats, and the latter has attained an astounding level of influence, particularly among young men. Despite being banned from most significant networks, Tate was voted as teens’ favourite social media figure in the most recent iteration of a biannual study.

Logan Paul has always been keen to fight Tate, but when Tate got cancelled from most social platforms, he changed his mind. However, Paul seems to want to hurt him, and he is prepared to get Tate platformed again. They both have said they want the fight, but it seems they blame each other for it not happening. 

Tate is claiming Logan Paul is taking steroids, yet Paul states that’s just an excuse not to fight. Paul also said the world champion kickboxer wants two warm-up fights before fighting who Tate claims is ‘just a Youtuber’. It does look like Tate is preparing to fight as he flew his coach Amir out to Romania to get him on the pads. It is a risky fight for Tate as his reputation is on the line as a professional fighter and the only way it will happen is down to their payday. 

Both men are very wealthy that it would need to be worth their while, and money is the only thing that makes Andrew tick. 

Logan Paul suggested that there have been issues lining up a fight with Tate:

‘We ran into that issue with Andrew Tate; he wants warm-up fights. I saw a thing recently; he accused me of doing steroids which historically has been the accusation that people throw if I threaten them. I’ve been charged with doing steroids my whole life just because I have muscles, and genetically, it is a little easier for me to get in shape for whatever reason.

‘But never done them, never will, and I find that many of the people I would like to fight because I know how big the shows can get simply wanna talk. They want that clout online and don’t actually want to sign the dotted lines.’


Check out the MMA Connect video here for more info on this:

Logan Paul vs Andrew Tate: Who would win? 

On paper, with Tate’s pedigree as an elite fighter and competitively fighting some of the best fighters around the world, Tate should win. However, years out of the ring and getting closer to 40, that sharp edge may not be like it once was. 

Not only that, but Paul is no fool; he is dedicated to his fitness, wrestling, and boxing, having shared a ring with Mayweather, and youth is definitely on his side, so he can’t be written off. 

The last words have come from Logan on a recent Podcast with UFC fighter Sean O’Malley suggesting Dana White, the president of the UFC, to arrange an MMA between them both.

Who do you think will win? Comment on our Facebook post here.

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